Gallery Remote Screensaver

Gallery Remote Screensaver

Gallery Remote Screensaver shows images from a Gallery album
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The Gallery project

Gallery Remote Screensaver will display images from a "Gallery" album when your computer is idle. "Gallery" is an open-source PHP utility that allows you to create and host image galleries on any website with PHP enabled.

Gallery Remote Screensaver can download images hosted in a given gallery and show those images in sequence when the screensaver launches. This program will install two versions of this screen saver: Gallery and GalleryEZ. To configure any of the versions, the user will need to press the "Settings" button in Windows´ screensaver settings once they have chosen the version they want to configure. When configuring "Gallery" the user will need to enter the URL where the gallery is stored, along with the user name and password if those are required for accessing the images. You will not need to do this when configuring "GalleryEZ". You can just specify a URL to the configuration text that the creator of the gallery can edit anytime. For both types of screensavers you can set if you want to modify the size of the images to fit the screen, and how frequently the images should change.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It allows to stream images directly to your friend's computer; they will not have to configure anything to view them


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